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Gag Gifts for New Dads

3 Fun Ideas for New Daddy Gag Gifts

New dads could use a little break from all their anxious jitters. Though this is one of the happiest times in these menís lives, one can be almost certain they are a bundle of nerves inside. Lighten daddy's spirits with a hilarious gag gift that is sure to stand out among the more traditional baby shower gifts. After all, who wants to open another package of baby diapers when thereís Little Stinker Butt Spray to unwrap?

  1. Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox
    It takes all the right tools to clean little Junior up and dadís just the man for the job. Get him geared up for the messy task with this funny little toolbox complete with inhalation masks, poop poncho, biohazard bag, actual newborn diapers, baby wipes and much more. He may well be surprised how handy this tool box will be at diaper time. A classic photo op while dad's in full regalia must be added to baby's scrapbook!

  2. Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray
    Any new little baby is precious beyond compare. However, that does not mean his or her diapers donít stink. The one thing all new dad's can count on is that there are many stinky diapers in his near future. This little spray makes a brilliantly silly gag gift but it is also super effective at combating odors. In addition, it is very safe to use since it has been approved by dermatologist.

    You can use this organic spray on all household funks including carpets, bathrooms, shoes, dog beds, coat closets and more without worrying about pet's or people's health. The pleasantness of lavender and vanilla will fill the air to cut out all types of odors.

  3. Daddy Scrubs
    These scrubs are so cool, dad will probably sport them all over town. This is also a second best way for dadís to show off what the stork brought them-the first best way being baby, of course. These super comfortable scrubs are actual medical scrubs. The pants have a drawstring waist for superior comfort and three pockets that are great for stuffing full of pacifiers. The top is roomy and stylish with a v neck and left chest pocket.

    They are made with a poly/cotton blend of 65/35 which ensures they will not shrink or fade quickly. You can choose different sizes for tops and bottoms ranging from small to xx large.

  4. New dads have enough serious business to tend to and serious presents to open. The great thing about the above-mentioned gifts is that they are practical and fun at the same time. Throw some fun and lightness into dad's life with something that will make the whole family laugh. He will very glad you did.